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Motivated employees are important to us, therefor we support them to enjoy their jobs. Thanks to this freedom we develop with our customers solutions that were unimaginable in the beginning.


An agile approach makes sure that our customer gets a product, which matches his expectations and provides a great value to him. It forces the developer team to work very tight with the customer and the team has to put itself into the customers position.


Our team works on products, which are used in over 70 different locations from more than 6'500 users. Also we developed a mobile application with more than 100'000 downloads.

Creative and innovative software development with focus on web and mobile applications.


Nanio is the inventer and operator of the Smokesignal service. Smokesignal allows you to inform a large group of people fast and easy with push notifications. The messages are written on a computer and sent to the always available smartphones.

Smokesignal is the leading information platform for interst based information in Switzerland. Sportclubs, schools or communities use Smokesignal to inform about important events.

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Smokesignal in the press:

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We create your modern, simple and easy to use web or mobile application with the latest technologies available.

With Smokesignal we created, develop and operate a modern push-notification service.

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About us

nanio Inc. is a company with a highly motivated and proven team with solid education and experiences.

Agility, flexibility and a deep understanding of our customers and an excellent technical knowledge melt together to amazing products.

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Do you search a partner who thinks along?

nanio Inc.
Oelbergweg 5
CH 5234 Villigen

+41 44 533 04 90

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